Brother WF1 Latex Wide Format Printer

MAKE THE WORLD BRIGHTER Piezoelectric print heads

Our proven Brother print heads allow for high-quality prints in a wide color gamut, with options allowing for up to 1200dpi. This color spectrum and high resolution can be achieved with three variable droplet sizes down to 5 picoliter , leaving plenty of room for a wide palette of colors and color depth. Smooth gradations, blends and neutral gray tones are therefore effortless.


Responsible Solution For Your Production

Our latex wide format printer also makes a good impression in production - the automatic gap adjustment prints more accurately on a wider range of media thicknesses. With our water-based inks, less outgas time is necessary and you‘re ready to go right away. The 7 inch touch screen allows easy and fast handling even in the most stressful situations. Combined with a professional production rip software, operators will quickly process artwork files to start printing in no time.

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