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Warranty voided where failure is attributable to: (1) improper/unsafe installation, (2) use in hazardous or severe environments, (3 unusual weather conditions, or (4) installation more than 46 deg from vertical. Threshold for warranty action for color fading is greater than 5 delta units from original (ASTM D-2244) and a chalking measurement greater than 8 (ASTM D-4214, Method D-659). N. Glantz & Son, LLC (“Seller”) warrants that beBond brand products purchased from the Seller (“beBond Products”) will be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period shown in the table of covered products below from the date on which the beBond TM Products are purchased from Seller by the original purchaser (the “Buyer”).

beBond TM Econo ACP beBond TM Premium ACP beBond TM Printable/Lite ACP

5 years (Exterior) 10 years (Interior)

This Limited Warranty applies only to the Buyer and may not be transferred. This warranty only covers defects arising under normal usage of any beBond TM Products and does not cover nor will the Seller be responsible for any damages caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, including but not limited to affixing accessories to the beBond TM Product, accident, modification, improper installation, reinstallation or repairs of the beBond TM Product.* Buyer’s sole remedy for any claim whatsoever arising out of any beBond TM Products, including without limitation, any claim that the beBond TM Product failed to perform as warranted above, will be replacement of the defective beBond TM Product (the “Replacement Product”). To obtain the Replacement Product, the Buyer must provide to the Seller at the Seller’s address, within the Warranty Period, (1) a copy of the original invoice for the defective beBond TM Product and (2) either return to the Seller, at the Seller’s expense, the defective beBond TM Product or permit a representative of the Seller, at the Seller’s expense, to visit the Buyer’s premises to inspect the defective beBond TM Product. NO OTHER SELLER WARRANTIES: Other than the Limited Warranty described herein, the only available warranty applicable to the beBond TM Products sold is that of the manufacturer as set forth in its written warranty, if any.

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SELLER EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND WARRANTIES AND/OR INDEMNITIES AGAINST INFRINGEMENT OF ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. REGARDLESS OF THE FORM OF THE CLAIM OR CAUSE OF ACTION, WHETHER BASED IN CONTRACT, INFRINGEMENT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, TORT OR OTHERWISE, SELLER WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO BUYER OR ANY OTHER PARTY FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOSS OF PROFITS, LOSS OF USE, COSt OF LABOR, AND COST OF CAPITAL. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Seller’s liability will in no event exceed the original purchase price of the defective beBond TM Product. The foregoing limitations of liability represent the allocation of risk between the parties as reflected in the pricing of goods offered by Seller, and are an essential element of the basis of the bargain between the parties. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and/or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to certain Buyers. This Limited Warranty gives the Buyer specific legal rights, and the Buyer may also have additional rights which vary from state to state.

NOTE: UV adhesion varies, a test print is recommended. For best results when printing on aluminum composite materials, please read below.

Printing •   Select Aluminum Composite when configuring and loading this media. • M edia placement detection is disabled when using this media type. When loading the media, it is necessary to enter the location of the left (user side) and right (service side) edges of the media according to the Media Measurement Option selection. • If the edges are bent, they should be flattened before imaging. A head height higher than the standard 0.085 inches (2.2 mm) may be necessary to avoid damaged or bowed edges that will interfere with the path of the carriage. • U se an Aluminum Composite media profile from the RIP software. • F or increased saturation on non-white or brushed aluminum surfaces, use the RIP software’s Saturated Rendering Intent option or select a Max DPI print mode. Output handling •   Use caution when loading or lifting sheets off the table as the media and ink can be easily scratched.

Preparation • P eel the protective film off one side in one continuous peel- do not start/stop during removal. • A lways wipe the surface with 88% or higher IPA on a lint-free cloth to remove dust or debris. Allow the sheet to sit out on the input table about five minutes to allow the IPA to evaporate and the static to dissipate. • W ipe the printing surface with an anti-static tack cloth to remove static charge and any dust or debris. • E nsure the media is flat and there are no damaged corners, edges or ends. Recommended print modes

•   Indoor Signage Plus • Photo or Photo Plus • F or increased saturation, use Max DPI –Saturated.

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