bePrint Application Guide 4.21


HANDLING Avoid touching material or introducing dust and dirt on to print face. This can cause anomalies and artifacts when printed. Always store unused material wound tight in original packaging. PRINTING Suggested media setting is self adhesive vinyl. Suggested maximum ink load is 300% depending on printing platform and RIP software. Make sure ink is dry when it reaches the take-up reel. An external dryer or heat lamp will accelerate drying. For best results optimize media feed and bi-directional calibrations. 540-720 dpi, 8 pass, Bi direction offers a good balance between quality and speed (suggested heaters 40-45c). CUTTING Graphics that are trimmed or cut through the ink within 24-36 hours after printing can begin to show signs of curling or shrinking around the perimeter. Newly printed/uncured ink can migrate around the cut line which can affect the adhesive layer. This in turn causes the edges of the material to curl up or shrink either on the release liner or once applied to the substrate. Reduce the risk of edge curling: 1. Carefully place the roll it’s on end and loosely unwind the material from around the core leaving space between each wrap for air to properly circulate. This will allow gasses to escape from print. 2. Leave unprinted edge around perimeter of the graphic. APPLICATION Glantz bePrint offers a permanent adhesive. Follow these general guidelines for success : 1. The adhesive needs to be thoroughly applied using high pressure during final application. This can be done by using a l aminator pinch roller to apply the vinyl so it fully adheres to a sign board. 2. When applying by hand after initial application double up with high squeegee or roller pressure on the surface. Optional, a small amount of heat on second pass will better set the adhesive bond. 3. Adhesives increase bond over time. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for final tack. Lamination of printed graphics will increase lifespan and provide protection against environmental conditions. Allow prints to dry for 24-48 hours at 72°F, before laminating, to avoid delamination, edge curling or adhesive failure. Proper tension on laminator is critical for success. INSTALLATION Product is best for flat smooth surfaces like sign panels. Apply temperature 50°F or higher preferred. On new surfaces a test is always recommended. | 1.866.645.2689

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