Flat Bleed Retro Frame




Flat Bleed Retro Frame K2107/21

Flat Bleed Retro Frame II - Part #2107 Flat Bleed Retro Frame Cover - Part #2121 Kit Designation - K2107/21




Features & Benefits • Easy to use clip system • Labor savings

• Use for new construction or retrofit • Engineered to help light get all the way to the perimeter • Great for kerf cut or custom shapes

Features & Benefits The Flat Bleed Retro Frame II is specifically designed to help reduce shadows by allowing streamline illumination. This system is the best solution for white transparent, light colored backgrounds, or LED applications. Available in Mill Finish. Answers to FAQ’s h Accepts up to 22 oz banner material h Tension Clip placement - Tension Clips are placed approximately 1-1/2” from the edge of the trimmed to size face material h Tension Clip spacing - Every 5” on center h Face material trim size - Add 3-1/2” of fabric to all four sides. (Adding a total of 7” to both the height and width) h The correct Tension Tool to use with the frame is Part #5135

• No size limitations • Consistent quality • In stock

Answers to FAQs • Up to 22oz banner material • To calculate face trim size, add 3 1/2” to all 4 sides. • Clip line = 1 1/2” in from edge of banner all around. TIP: Print clip line for faster install. • Clip spacing - 5” on center • Use tension tool LC5135 • Frame braces and frame support may be required of transporting.

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